Driveways - Concrete Paving

A driveway is an essentital part of today home and therefore must be functional. A driveway should make a statement and enhance the surrounding of your home whilst adding value to your property.

There is a wide variety of concrete paving products on the market at the moment. We recommend that when considering a concrete product that you invest in a brick that is easy maintain but stylish.

We have used a vast array of driveway designs to complement people's homes why making them practical for parking and day-to-day use. Driveways can also be used as a playground for your children so consider smooth and bevelled bricks for clean lines and flat surfaces. This will make a play area safer and hazard free for children.

Pavemaster can offer driveways with feature curves and interesting borders in designs which will complement your home and add personality to your driveway.

'Castletone' paving in 2 sizes and 4 colours
'Shannon' paving in heather with carcoal border.
Driveways - Gravel Driveways
A more traditional driveway covering, gravel is a practical and economical way of tidying up the front of your home. A combination of clever designs and tasteful kerbing can enhance the overall character of your home and surrounding gardens.

There is a large variety of sizes and colours available in Ireland today. We can source all of these choices and provide samples if requested on quotation.

Driveways - Natural Stone Cobblelock

Natural Stone is the perfect choice for your home. We can source a large range of natural products in a variety of colours to suit all applications such as granite and sandstone.

Natural Stone has a unique texture and finish which is timeless and each piece has its own individual uniqueness.

This choice for a driveway will blend into the traditional or modern home.

Granite sets (100mm x 100mm brick) of different colours are often used to create stricking edges and borders or for complete driveways.

Granite setts layed in 'fish-tail' design for driveway centre piece
'Tegula' 50mm paving with
Granite setts in buff bordering

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