Patios - Bricks

Patios have been constructed using flag stones however, the current trend is to use bricks to create simple effective patio designs.

The vast range of colours and sizes in bricks allow for versatility and endless design possibilities. Small brick sizes allow for circular designs minimising joint sizes thereby giving you the option to create designed centre piece within your patio. Larger bricks can be then used to surround designs giving you clean finishes which appears more spacious and bright.

Centre Piece using 'Tegula' setts in heather
'Castlestone' paving in 2 sizes and 4 colours

Patios - Flags

Traditionally, flags are the first choice for most people when designing a patio. There is a large variety of colours, textures and sizes available.

Products range from standard to textured coloured flags.

Standard flags are economical in price and can be used in a variety of creative ways.

Textured flags have a non slip quality and with their unique granular surface combined with a brick border help create a sensible natural look.

Riven sandstone flags with brick border
A natural Granite kerb step with granite finish flag in silver

Patios - Natural Stone

We at pavemaster have sourced a geat range of natural products for our customers. We insist on using only the best materials to ensure a finish that is both durable and stylish.

When using natural sandstone we lay slabs from different packs to ensure a mixed blend of unique colours. Sandstone has distinctive colours in both buff and natural and will suit most discerning tastes.

To make designs more interesting we also recommend using combinations of sandstone and granite sets which create interesting borders or designs in patios and garden paths.

Indian sandstone in buff with Granite setts
Natural Granite setts bordering natural Indian sandstone patio

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