Hard Landscaping - Steps and Kerbing

Steps are sometimes a necessary part of your landscape or simply an entrance into your home. There are no limits to what can be constructed when designing steps.

Different materials can be combined to add an array of attractive features to any entrance be it to your front door, your garden or your raised patio area.

There is a multitude of kerbing products available at the moment whether its adding the finishing touches to a driveway or capping and facing steps.

Flower beds can be contained using a wide range of tasteful kerbing products which allows raised beds spill onto your driveway.

'Tegula' kerb stone in bracken as shown in steps.
'Cobblesett' paving with 'kerbsett' kerbing in terracotta.

Hard Landscaping - Garden Walls

When designing your outdoor living area, garden walls are great for creating boundaries and building retaining walled flower beds.

There are a number of different products on the market for this purpose and there are no limits as to what can be achieved. Whether its the rugged appearance you are trying to achieve or a smooth contemporary look we are confident we can source the perfect product.

'Secura' minor walling as a curved feature
'Country stone' in natural as raised flower bed.

Hard Landscaping - Garden Paths

With the number of great products available garden paths have now limitless possibilities.

Paving a garden path with curved features to the garden shed and patio can make any garden more interesting. Bricks are an ideal choice for such curved designs. Their versatility means that you can create different curved design features as the bricks are specially shaped and therefore avoid unnecessary wide joints in your path.

Natural stone is an alternative choice to paving which can be laid as 'crazy paving' to create a more natural look.

'Mourne' cobble sett paving in golden
Natural Stone - 'Crazy Paving'

Hard Landscaping - Instant Lawns
For anyone who wants a ready made garden instant lawn is the perfect choice. There are a variety of instant lawns on the market at the moment each one grown from a different imported seed.

We will endeavour to source the lawn to suit your soil type and that will meet your expectations in terms of usage and aesthetic value.

Hard Landscaping - Water Features
An attractive added feature to any landscaping, water features are therapeutic and will bring harmony to any outdoor environment.

There is nothing more satisfying than to watch the outdoor surroundings come to live with the different seasons. Why not add a water feature which will complement every season and give you an all year round sense of well-being.

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