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Tar and Chip Driveway using 10mm Lite gold chip
 (05-06-2008)Tobermore Peitra Granite Kerbing
 (05-06-2008)Roma Paving in Slate with Tar and Chip Driveway
 (19-02-2008)Tar and Chip Driveway with Tegula Brick border in Slate
 (19-02-2008)Tar and Chip Driveway with Tegula Brick border in Slate
Driveway 2
 (15-02-2008)Driveway 1
 (15-02-2008)Driveway 3
 (15-02-2008)Driveway 4
 (15-02-2008)Driveway 5
Sandstone in mixed sizes
 (05-06-2008)Patio in Tobermore Pietra Sandstone Buff with Kerbstone risers to edge
 (05-06-2008)Recessed Patio
 (05-06-2008)French Door Step in Limestone Grey
 (05-06-2008)Granite Setts and 600x300mm Charcoal Grey Limestone
Tobermore Sandstone in Buff with Tegula brick in heather.
 (26-02-2008)Sandstone Circle Patio with Tegula Brick Border.
 (26-02-2008)Patio  3
 (15-02-2008)Patio 1
 (15-02-2008)Patio 7
Patio 6
 (15-02-2008)Patio 6
 (15-02-2008)Patio 5
 (15-02-2008)Patio 2
 (15-02-2008)Patio 4
Special Features
Raised Garden Planter in Doolin Stone and Capped with Liscannor Stone
 (05-09-2008)Patio in Tobermore Pietra Sandstone Natural with Kerbstone risers in Steps
 (05-09-2008)Front Door Step in Tobermore Kerbstone and Heather Retro
 (05-09-2008)Doolin Stone in a Dry Wall Finish
 (05-09-2008)Doolin Pillar Capped with Cut Liscanner
Entrance Pillars in Doolin Stone
 (05-09-2008)Entrance Pillars in Dry Stone Finish
 (05-09-2008)Entrance Pillars in Dry Stone Finish
 (05-09-2008)Raised corner bed using Kerbstone risers
 (05-06-2008)Tobermore Peitra Granite Kerbing used to create flowerbed planters
Tobermore Peitra Granite Step
 (05-06-2008)Aco Channel Drains
 (05-06-2008)Side Path in Shannon Brick  bracken with Tegula Setts in Charcoal Grey
 (05-06-2008)Special Features 7
 (15-02-2008)Special Features 1
Special Features 2
 (15-02-2008)Special Features 3
 (15-02-2008)Special Features 4
 (15-02-2008)Special Features 5
 (15-02-2008)Special Features 6

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